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Taking measure of the pleasure of leisure


The intersection between sport, film, music and shopping were bridged at the latest QUT Real World Conversation on September 17.

The Adaptation Factor


Disruption is now business as usual for almost every business, employee and manager. The measure of how they will survive it is in how they adapt.

How tech drives leisure and pleasure


REMEMBER the technology promise - less time at work, more time at play

How tech is changing fun


DIGITAL technology has disrupted every business but none more so than the leisure and entertainment industries where new models are usurping established ways of consuming and behaving.

QUT eSports Arena taps into $1 billion industry


Australia’s first university eSports gaming ‘arena’ will be showcased at the QUT Open Day this Sunday, July 29.

Content sourced from QUT News Web Service.

Real World Futures


Real World Futures