Real World Futures

How tech drives leisure and pleasure

Date: 17 September 2018

REMEMBER the technology promise - less time at work, more time at play

Now the two are morphing. Technology is making work more like play and play more like work.

It’s also adding a new dimension to how we spend our leisure time. More and more, it’s active rather than quiet contemplation. And our leisure experiences cater more for our shorter attention spans.

The next Real World Conversation will look at what’s happening with the pleasure of leisure  through four lenses – music, film, sport and shopping.  It will be a breakfast panel discussion in the QUT Gardens Theatre Foyer, highlighting the very latest in what is happening in these leisure industries.

Our speakers are all industry leaders. They are:

  • The Screen Queensland CEO Tracey Vieira who will look at what Queensland is doing in the film industry and how it is positioning itself for new trends in the film world. They include shorter and shorter productions tailored specifically for small screens.
  • The QMusic CEO Joel Edmondson will look at how Queensland continues to carve out a role in contemporary music, drawing from its cultural uniqueness.
  • QUT’s “Mr Retail”, Assoc Professor Gary Mortimer, will explore how leisure retail is changing to attract customers both digitally and physically.
  • And QUT’s eSports pioneers, Dylan Poulus and Mike Trotter, will look at the disruptive effect of competitive gaming and give you a taste of Australia’s best eSports arena which neigbours the breakfast venue.

The Real World Futures series has covered many issues over its four-year life, ranging from the impact of driverless cars to the future of work and the outlook of new medical technologies.

But leisure – and the question of what constitutes leisure - is increasingly important.

Tickets for this event are on sale for $25 each which also covers a light breakfast. Register here.

17 September 2018
7am - 9am
QUT Gardens Point campus, 2 George Street, Brisbane
Gardens Theatre Foyer
Kathy McCabe
07 3138 1906
Register Here

Content sourced from QUT News Web Service.

Real World Futures


Real World Futures