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Innovation and entrepreneurship at QUT

Date: 11 October 2018

Explore, experiment and give life to unknown opportunity with QUT's innovation and entrepreneurship programs.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship at QUT

Our initiatives:

QUT Speakers' Circle

Designed to inspire, educate and guide actions, the QUT Speakers’ Circle is a carefully curated set of international thought leaders that can be booked for your next event.

Student Design Jams

Led by QUT and PwC, these team-based events provide immersive and experiential learning for students, sponsors and subject matter experts to workshop global challenges from humans to technology and innovation. 

Innovation Sprints

Conducted by specialist designers and researchers from the QUT Chair in Digital Economy, our innovation sprints offer businesses rapid and rigorous exploration of opportunities within 30 days to deliver actionable artefacts.

In Cahoots

Australia’s first cross-generational entrepreneurship challenge, this full-day workshop invites innovators and entrepreneurs to form teams of all ages and tackle different global challenge categories. The June event offered $10,000 worth of prizes to the most outstanding ideas. 


The QUT foundry is home to HotDesq, an Advance Queensland initiative, that offers up to $100,000 equity-free funding for international entrepreneurs and startups looking to relocate to Queensland. 


Our programs and platforms:


bluebox is QUT’s innovation, venture and investment company. They help industry connect with research and new ventures to make real-world impact, and help the QUT community get their ideas and research out into the real world.

QUT foundry

The foundry is a startup incubator and 24/7 coworking space at QUT. Offering weekly events and meet-ups, it is QUT's hub for all things entrepreneurship, linking industry and staff with the next generation of student innovation leaders.  

QUT Chair in Digital Economy (CDE)

The CDE is a joint venture and a globally unique partnership between, QUTPwCBrisbane Marketing and the Queensland Government. Through events and services, they help organisations reimagine and shape opportunities in the digital economy.

QUT Creative Entreprise Australia (CEA)

QUT CEA helps start, grow, scale and connect creative companies and is Australia’s only dedicated creative industries accelerator. Their enterprise services include events, mentoring, training opportunities, research, workspace solutions and production facilities.

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