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Innovative results through PhD engagement

Date: 12 October 2018

Working with skilled research students brings measurable returns to your organisation.

QUT Cube Globe
The Queensland Cube Globe developed in partnership with Queensland Government and QUT researchers facilitated by CRCSI is a world-first interactive and cinematic display of spatial data visualisations.


QUT’s cohort of over 2,500 postgraduate research students represents a significant local talent base, and they are available to work with you in solving industry challenges or developing new ideas and products.

In addition to their technical expertise, PhD students bring a diversity of experiences and networks to your work environment.

Working with a PhD student on short-term, fast turnaround projects provides your organisation with an injection of ideas, data and evaluation to fast-track innovation or provide analysis of recent projects.


Case Study - Dr Jannah Baker Jannah Baker

Through a doctoral training program operated by QUT, Dr Jannah Baker undertook her PhD with the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI).

During her PhD, Jannah studied patterns in health outcomes, which can be used to identify risk factors and help re-allocate resources. Jannah’s medical research revealed significant geographical variation in the outcomes of patients with type II diabetes in Queensland, and highlighted the need for closer monitoring of patient groups in lower socioeconomic areas.

Dr Baker’s industry partner, the CRCSI have also found the experience invaluable. She worked under the supervision of Kerrie Mengersen – one of Australia’s leading statisticians who was recently awarded an ARC Laureate Fellowship.

Ms Mengersen says Ms Baker’s research has had a significant impact. ‘She has developed methods for analysing a range of diabetes datasets that can be used in-house and can also be extended to other health outcomes. She has identified important factors related to diabetes and suggested ways that her research can help with management of the disease. She has also brought different groups together as part of her project and with the assistance of the CRC for Spatial Information, and these valuable networks will continue into the future.’

QUT provides numerous ways for your organisation to engage our PhD students, including through funded research, scholarships and industry-based internships.


APR Internship Program (3-6 month projects)

Industry partners can engage a PhD student who has completed their PhD and is awaiting examination, for a 3-6 month project within their organisation.

Candidates can work on new product initiatives, internal research or analysis using their areas of expertise. These could include mathematics, engineering, health sciences, business and more.

These internships are an excellent way to embed high-capacity talent within your organisation, achieve measurable results and assess talent for future recruitment pipelines. They also include academic supervision from the host university to provide mentoring and guidance for the student during their project.

Organisations can access government rebates and tax incentives through this program.

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Content sourced from QUT News Web Service.

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