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Digital Disruption

Date: 17 October 2017

DIGITAL disruption is the business buzzword of this decade as whole careers, businesses and industries have been upended by technological shifts.

This is bad for the victims but also creates opportunities for the vigilant.

And, for either group, there is no end in sight. Disruption will continue. Old businesses will continue to struggle and new businesses will arise almost from nowhere.

The meaning of this for future working, living and thinking has been at the heart of the Real World Futures program at QUT since 2015. And this year’s Real World Futures conference will again focus on the opportunities as well as stocktake what is happening in key industries.

The fullday conference on Tuesday, October 17 will continue the theme, Disruptive Influences _ And What To Do With Them. The program this year will look at how disruption is playing out from the personal to the global.

It will draw on a range of industry and QUT speakers and include plenty of opportunities to sample some of the technology that is changing our lives.

Real World Futures so far has drawn on speakers from Oxford and Harvard universities and the University College of San Francisco. It has also attracted speakers and panellists from major corporations including Woolworths, Telstra, Aurizon, Flight Centre, SAP, Deloittes Monitor, Commonwealth Bank, Australia Post, HCF and NASA.

The quality remains high this year with speakers including:

  • Ms Pip Marlow, CEO Strategic Innovation, Suncorp Group Ltd.
  • Dr Mary Foley AM, Managing Director, Telstra Health.
  • Mr Stephen Scheeler, Special Adviser to PWC and former Managing Director of Facebook Australia.
  • Mr Paul Kelly, Editor-at-Large, The Australian.
  • Mr Nick Vanzetti, Managing Director ESL Australia.
  • Professor Ronald Arkin, Regents' Professor, Director of Mobile Robot Laboratory,Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Professor Suzi Derbyshire, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching, QUT
  • Distinguished Professor Peter Corke, Director, Australian Centre for Robotic Vision

The conference will also feature some displays of new technology and live demonstrations of the phenomenon that is disrupting the sporting world.

Tickets are on sale and a limited number of full tables are still available. Register Here.

David Fagan

Director, Corporate Transition, QUT

17 October 2017
9.00am - 4.30pm
Y Block Level 10 Gardens Point campus
$360.00 per ticket $2299.95 for a table of nine

Content sourced from QUT News Web Service.


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