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Thought and creativity will become the individual’s most important assets as technology shapes a future with new ways of working, playing and connecting. The big shift will be the simplification and automation of mundane processes – whether on the factory floor, the construction site or the office. The employee of the future will be judged more on their thinking skills and creativity than their technical ability. Understanding the potential power of the brain and how it can be refined, will enable leaders to attract the best people and achieve the top results. The enterprise of the future will be valued on quality ideas to conceive and execute what a connected consumer wants and needs.

Event Resources

Future Ways of Thinking, Wednesday 29 July 2015 - Watch video
  • Professor Michael Merzenich - Harnessing the Power of Brain Plasticity
  • Professor Selena Bartlett & Sheryl Batchelor - Improve Your Brain Fitness fo Knowledge Economy
  • Professor Judith McLean - The Economics of an Artistic Mind in Leading Teams
  • Professor Daniel Johnson - Motivation and Engagement Through Gamification
  • Professor Geoff Abbott - Leadership Coaching for High Order Thinking
  • Professor Michael Rosemann - Developing a Digital Mindset

    The Data Cure, 18 May 2015 - Watch video
  • Professor Kerrie Mengersen - The Data Cure or the Data Curse? Exploring the Yin and Yang of Big Data
  • Associate Professor Adrian Barnett - Big Data
  • Professor Lisa Nissen - Data Cure: Implication in Clinical Care?
  • Kara Burns - Patient Generated Health Data
  • Mal Thatcher - Big Data in Healthcare

    Future Thinking News

    Smart Toilet app creator wins $100,000 2016 Global Business Challenge


    A QUT team has been awarded $100,000 after winning the Global Business Challenge, in which seven of the world’s top graduate schools and universities competed to improve healthcare in remote communities.

    Customers key to digital change


    TWO of Australia’s leading change agents have put the customer at the centre of the digital transformation that is driving their businesses.

    ‘Dry dive’ the Great Barrier Reef to aid conservation efforts


    People can 'dry dive' into the Great Barrier Reef to help a QUT project that's developing unique ways to measure the aesthetic value of the world heritage site.

    RangerBot wins public’s heart and philanthropic funding


    The Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s plans for a low-cost ‘robo reef protector’ has been given the thumbs up by the public and by Google.

    Conference shows how to be your own disruptive influence


    THE tools to make technology disruption an asset, not a liability, for our jobs and businesses were laid out during the course of the Real World Futures conference at QUT on October 19.

    Groundbreaking QUT review on counteracting mobile phone distraction while driving


    With mobile phone use by drivers now a reality, a groundbreaking QUT review looking at the issue as a task-sharing problem has recommended further research into how to make the practice safer.

    The robot eyes have it: cutting-edge tool for koala conservation


    Local councils are testing a new tool for protecting their vulnerable koala populations – drones equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and backed by powerful statistical analysis.

    Brightest global minds brainstorm innovation ideas at QUT


    You will be pushed to your limit. You will learn. You will have fun.

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