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How tech is changing fun

Date: 17 September 2018

DIGITAL technology has disrupted every business but none more so than the leisure and entertainment industries where new models are usurping established ways of consuming and behaving.

Our concentration spans have declined, our access to instant fast-moving entertainment on mobile devices is the greatest it has ever been.  And, as importantly, the lines between entertainment and information are blurring. Thanks to gamification, education is now entertaining. So is monitoring your own health.

The next Real World Conversation, Leisure and Pleasure – How technology is changing fun, will look at what’s happening and might happen over the next decade. 

It will focus on four parts of the entertainment business – sport, film, music and retailing.  And it will look at how different parts of entertainment are blending, all to take advantage of technology that quickly builds and monetises audiences.

The speakers will be:

  • QUT’s Professor of Retailing, Gary Mortimer;
  • The CEO of Screen Queensland. Ms Tracey Vieira;
  • The CEO of QMusic, Mr Joel Edmondson, and;
  • The founders of QUT eSports, Michael Trotter and Dylan Poulus.

The conversation, to be moderated by Danielle Duell, Founder & CEO, People With Purpose, will be a breakfast on Monday, September 17.

The event invitation will be sent to Real World Futures subscribers next week when registrations open through EventBrite.

David Fagan

17 September 2018
7am - 9am
QUT Gardens Point campus, 2 George Street, Brisbane
Gardens Theatre Foyer
Kathy McCabe
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