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The Secret Energy of Entrepreneurs

Date: 02 May 2017

What’s the secret sauce that makes entrepreneurs stand out?  My view, over decades of working with and observing all sorts of entrepreneurs, is that it’s the sheer energy they put into their task.

Yes, good ideas help. So, does strategy and a structure to turn the ideas into a business. And some good fortune never goes astray. But the relentless drive to succeed and the energy that requires are what makes the difference.

Sometimes the energy is so overwhelming, it is almost impossible to think of the entrepreneur separately to their business. Think of Sir Richard Branson. Could Virgin exist without him? Or would he be on our radar without Virgin?

Or Jeff Bezos? Does he spend a waking hour without thinking about Amazon. And would an Amazon have been created without Jeff Bezos conceiving it, executing it and then dedicating the energy it needed to become the marketplace to the world?

Or my old boss, Rupert Murdoch, who is uncannily in touch with what matters to all parts of his global business and was still excited by new ideas into his ninth decade.

The next Real World Conversation | The Secret Energy of Entrepreneurs, will explore what makes a group of Queensland entrepreneurs tick.  And the director of the Australian Centre for Enterpreneurship Research, Professor Per Davidsson, will add his world-renowned expertise to explain the research on entrepreneurial motivation.

This is the third event on entrepreneurship run as part of the Real World Futures program. The reason? We believe entrepreneurship will be an important work skill for a future where many routine jobs will be replaced by machines. How we think and behave entrepreneurially will be differentiators in the workforce.

The Real World Conversation on Wednesday 17 May will include a panel at varying stages  of their careers, led in conversation by Danielle Duell a successful entrepreneur and our regular moderator.

They are:

  • Wayne Gerard, founder of RedEye Apps, a former Queensland entrepreneur of the year and director of StartupAUS, an advocacy group for technology start-ups

  • Tamara Mills, who has founded a range of medical technology businesses in Australia and north America, and is co-founder of Glucotek Inc, a business that sprang out of her recent involvement in the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp recently hosted at QUT.

  • Alexander Dreiling, CEO and founder of Clipchamp Pty Ltd, which has developed technology allowing fast and easy video sharing. The business sprang out of technology developed at QUT.

  • Ingrid Rodriguez, founder and CEO of Eikonic, a health start-up which is part of the Advance Queensland HotDesQ program.

The conversation will hear from each of the panels about their businesses and about what motivates them before allowing you to get some insight into their experiences and add some of your own.

And, if you are short of energy, we can promise coffee and plenty of vigour in the room to kickstart your day. Participants are also welcome to see QUT’s new shared working spaces, The Foundry, home to a growing collection student start-ups.

For more details and to register, click here

David Fagan,

Director, Corporate Transition

Content sourced from QUT News Web Service.


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