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Crossing the entrepreneurship divide

Date: 14 March 2018

Innovation and entrepreneurship have become terms associated with the so-called “inner-city elites” when they belong just as much to regional Australia.


The next Real World Conversation on Tuesday May 22 will look at how to spread the benefits of the startup culture outside of major cities. It will look at the opportunities as well as some of the success stories.

This is an important discussion. Australia’s city/country divide is growing and technology is exacerbating it.

The value of regional innovation and entrepreneurship was recognised at the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp hosted at QUT last month.

It included a specific regional focus. Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur, Steve Baxter, has also committed to spending more time in the state’s regional centres.

Entrepreneurship and innovation have been at the heart of regional Australia. Agricultural innovation created an early wave of entrepreneurs.

The more recent tech entrepreneurship boom has seen more attention focussed on the cities which have communities and support for high-speed startups.

But what are the opportunities in regional Australia, given its proximity to fastgrowing markets for protein and its mineral exports?

This conversation will be a panel and its lead speaker will be serial entrepreneur Alan Jones. Alan is a visiting entrepreneur at QUT Creative Enterprises Australia and has strong views on the potential for startups in regional Australia.

He sees the rise of startups as an alternative to the capital intensiveness of agriculture and resources and also less vulnerable to price and weather cycles.

Find out how some entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this and overcoming the obstacles that go with investing outside the major cities.

Save the date: Breakfast on Tuesday May 22. Further speaker announcements will be made next week when bookings open.

Content sourced from QUT News Web Service.


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