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Unlocking The Human Genome


THE rapid growth in understanding the human genome and the characteristics behind many diseases was the focus of the Real World Conversation, Unlocking The Human Genome on July 18.

Commercialisation deal for home-grown cancer saliva test


QUT’s commercialisation arm, bluebox, has signed an agreement with multinational healthcare company MDxHealth to evaluate and develop a saliva-based test for the early detection of oral cancer.

Star Wars turns 40 and it still inspires our real life space junkies


It was 40 years ago today, on May 25, 1977, that Star Wars first burst onto cinema screens, and from that time the world changed for the better.

Team a key to success


THE  ability to build a strong team was agreed on by the group of entrepreneurs who spoke at the Real World Conversation | The Secret Energy of Entrepreneurs.  

Customers key to digital change


TWO of Australia’s leading change agents have put the customer at the centre of the digital transformation that is driving their businesses.

Governments awake: a cruel change is coming


ONE of Australia’s leading businessmen has counselled governments to pay more attention to the impact digital technologies will have on the future of work and the risks to society from job losses.

Content sourced from QUT News Web Service.

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