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Work change gets focus


A group of Australian legislators has turned unprecedented attention on the future of work, a core topic of the Real World Futures program for the past three years.

Learning for the mid-century


How we think about the past and the future often varies wildly from reality.

Innovation driving Australia’s creative economy boom


The traditional image of artists and other creatives needs a big makeover, according to detailed analysis of the 2016 Census by QUT researchers.

The future is coming - but when?


Only one in eight human resources professionals surveyed by their member organisation sees threats to the future workplace in the next decade.

World turns its mind to work


ONE of the world’s leading economic agencies, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has weighed into the future of work discussion with position papers on both work and the changes needed in the education system.

Working with US tech to turn sugarcane bagasse into biofuel


QUT is testing a novel technology developed by US company Mercurius Biorefining to convert biomass into jet and diesel fuels.

Vehicle trial to boost road safety


Queensland Government is partnering with iMOVE CRC to deliver Australia’s largest on-road cooperative vehicle trial to boost safety on Australian roads.

Big bang to kickstart innovation


Innovation, the word key to Australia’s future but death to its politicians, needs a “big bang” approach if it is to seize the public imagination, a new federal government report find.

Jobs focus shifts to how to avoid disruption


THE discussion about the future of work has shifted subtly in recent months – from the doomsday scenario of mass unemployment to the practicalities of how to reskill mass workforces to work with new technologies.

Customers key to digital change


TWO of Australia’s leading change agents have put the customer at the centre of the digital transformation that is driving their businesses.

Content sourced from QUT News Web Service.

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