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Can automated cars and humans safely co-exist?


A project aiming to accelerate the safe and successful deployment of automated vehicles by having them understand human intent is among 22 QUT-led projects to receive Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project Grants announced today. 

A tech question that stops a room


Stephen Scheeler has one question he notices stops the boards he advises dead in their tracks. It’s this: “How many people do you have working on voice-activated AI for customer service?”

Disruptive Influences - And What To Do With Them


QUT’S Room Three Sixty was at standing room only on October 17 when more than 200 innovators and disruptors came together for the Real World Futures conference, Disruptive Influences -  And What To Do With Them.

Biofuels revolution will help power Queensland economy


The man who helped power US Navy ships with alternative fuels made from beef fat is touring Queensland this week along with QUT experts to help push the state’s burgeoning biofuels industry.

Machines must think like humans to build trust


If humans are to ever fully trust driverless cars to make decisions for them, these autonomous systems need to be able to understand how humans problem-solve in ways that sometimes defies machine logic.

Game on: the future is eSports


Purpose-built training facilities and arenas, a take up by traditional sports clubs, and an Olympics berth – that’s the not-too-distant future of eSports, according to Australian eSports pioneer Nick Vanzetti.

Pepper guides Queensland’s brightest young minds at STEM camp


High-achieving students from across the state are taking part in the QUT Vice-Chancellor’s STEM camp these school holidays, helping to accelerate their understanding of science, technology engineering and maths.

QUT creates Australia’s first lithium-ion battery


QUT researchers have produced Australia’s first lithium-ion battery after establishing the country’s only facility capable of such manufacturing.

Connected Cities


THE marriage of people, the data they produce and the technology that can use it was at the centre of the Real World Conversation, Connected Cities, Connected People.

QUT News & Events Wrap – September 18 edition


Welcome to QUT's weekly round-up of news and events.  For regular updates, follow us on Twitter (@QUTmedia) and Facebook (@QUTBrisbane).  To subscribe to this wrap, please email

New study measures human-robot relations


A QUT researcher is leading a new study to evaluate human-robot interactions as technology reshapes health care.

Customers key to digital change


TWO of Australia’s leading change agents have put the customer at the centre of the digital transformation that is driving their businesses.

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