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Furniture, fashion, fine art and more: QUT design extravaganza


Students, teachers, parents and lovers of good design are invited to the QUT Design Festival Open House, a centrepiece of CreateX 2018, a series of performances, exhibitions, screenings and discussions at the Creative Industries Precinct, Kelvin Grove, 13-17 November.

Digital sparks physical appetite


QUT’s adaptation to digital learning has had the unexpected consequence of encouraging students to better use campus facilities, this year’s Real World Futures conference was told.

How elephants adapt to disruption


THE power of adaptation to reshape lives, businesses and behaviour was centre stage at the QUT Real World Futures 2018 Conference.

Failure creates opportunity


A SENIOR Google executive gave the Real World Futures conference a rare insight into the recipe for success recipe of the world’s largest digital business. It comes from failure.

Million dollar clues: Inside the brains of competitive gamers


What makes some esports gamers good enough to compete in global teams in front of thousands of people and earn millions of dollars, while others compete from computers at home with their mates from school?

QUT Online launches to address growing demand in state


QUT has today launched QUT Online, offering online postgraduate courses in a range of areas to address key issues impacting Australia’s workforce.

Immerse yourself in CreateX 2018 – QUT’s Festival of Creativity


What would it feel like to be a cyborg? Is being a YouTuber a real job? Should you watch more TV and forget reading? What exactly was the ‘Brisbane Sound?’ What are the latest trends in design?

Eight lessons in adaptation


QUT gave 160 people a crash course in adaptation in the final Real World Futures event of 2018 on Tuesday, 16 October 2018.

QUT Innovation Summer


Join us for an innovation sprint like no other!

Innovation and entrepreneurship at QUT


Explore, experiment and give life to unknown opportunity with QUT's innovation and entrepreneurship programs.

Commercialisation at QUT


We offer help, strategy and partnership opportunities in the transfer of innovation, ideas and IP into any market.

In collaboration with QUT, your innovations come to fruition using our evidence-based mindset inside an opportunity-rich environment.

Innovative results through PhD engagement


Working with skilled research students brings measurable returns to your organisation.

Content sourced from QUT News Web Service.

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