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Team a key to success

Date: 25 May 2017

THE  ability to build a strong team was agreed on by the group of entrepreneurs who spoke at the Real World Conversation | The Secret Energy of Entrepreneurs.  

All four entrepreneurs pointed to the value of their teams and their focus on solving a problem, rather than making money, as key to their success.  And their view was supported by QUT’s Professor Per Davidsson, director of the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research.

The entrepreneurs spoke to about 100 attendees at the Real World Futures breakfast on May 17.  Highlights of their presentations included:

RedEye Apps’ Wayne Gerard revealing that he took his business to Silicon Valley without any knowledge of what a pitch desk was or how to create one;

Tamara Mills co-founder of Glucokek Inc.,explaining how she had been motivated to develop medical technology by the frustration of treating a single mother who faced losing her eyesight and not seeing her children grow;

ClipChamps’ Alex Dreiling revealing the persistence he had learnt from a childhood trying to break into the East German swim team. It had taught him perseverance, opportunity, focus and a can-do attitude. “You can’t teach these traits at school,” he said.

And Eikonic’s Ingrid Rodgriguez explaining the importance to entrepreneurs of being their own best friend.

Professor Davidson said as much emphasis should be placed on the circumstances that created entrepreneurs as on their individual traits. He produced research which showed entrepreneurs tended to be extroverted, conscientious and open while scoring lowly on the traits of agreeableness and neuroticism. But the greatest skill was the competence to identify, cultivate and use the competence of other people.

You can see pictures from the event here and the speakers’ slides here.

David Fagan

Content sourced from QUT News Web Service.


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