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Buses, trains and wired brains.

Date: 02 August 2018

BRISBANE is a city defined by its river – first as its industrial hub, more recently as its leisure hub and always as a divide winding through its heartlands.

Brisbane locals have always defined themselves as northsiders or southsiders, a description that has come to matter less in recent years.  What’s changed? A lot is to do with the near-doubling of traffic lanes across the Brisbane River – both through bridges and the Clem7 traffic tunnel. 

Now, three complementary developments are going to further reshape how we see our city. Two of them are big public infrastructure projects, the third is the rise of technology which will both analyse and predict how we will move and behave.  Their impact will be most noticeable in the brain-based industries arising on the fringes of Brisbane’s CBD.

All will be the subject of the next Real World Conversation | Buses, Trains and Wired Brains, on Thursday, 2 August at QUT’s roomthreesixty, Gardens Point campus.

The conversation draws together the CEO of the Cross River Rail Authority, Mr Graeme Newton, the Deputy Mayor of Brisbane and driver of the Brisbane City Council’s Metro Project, Cr Adrian Schrinner and the urban and social planner, Ms Stephanie Wyeth.  They will be joined by QUT’s Professor Marcus Foth who runs the QUT Design Lab and is regarded as one of the world’s leading 25 thinkers on urban informatics.  They will look at what these developments to the future of working, thinking and living in Brisbane.

Cross River Rail will add a new rail line to the centre of the city, connecting Dutton Park and Bowen Hills with stops at Woolloongabba, the CBD, Roma Street and the Exhibition Grounds.

Metro will be a dedicated busway that adds new services from Eight Mile Plains and St Lucia to the inner north.

Significantly, both projects add new connections between the three big Brisbane universities and three major inner city hospitals.  They will also help create new commercial precincts adjacent to the rail stops.

Real World Futures has previously looked at major urban development in central Brisbane (particularly the Queens Wharf integrated resort) and the use of data and sensors to guide commercial and government decisions as well as influence human behaviour.

This conversation adds a new layer to the discussion and brings together key players in each project as well as social and technology experts to unravel what they mean for the city over the next decade.

This Real World Conversation is part of the Real World Futures series which has run at QUT since 2015.  Tickets are on sale for $30 per person (including light breakfast but serious thinking). Register here.

02 August 2018
7am - 9am
QUT Gardens Point campus, 2 George Street, Brisbane
roomthreesixty, Y Block, Level 10
$30.00 per person
Kathy McCabe
Register Here

Content sourced from QUT News Web Service.


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