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Taking measure of the pleasure of leisure

Date: 18 September 2018

The intersection between sport, film, music and shopping were bridged at the latest QUT Real World Conversation on September 17.

The speakers zeroed in on the impact of technology of each of these consumer industries in the event, Leisure and Pleasure – How Technology is Changing Fun.

About 80 people attended the breakfast at QUT’s Gardens Points Theatre where they heard from:

. Ms Tracey Vieira, CEO of Screen Queensland;

. Mr Joel Edmondson, CEO of QMusic;

. Associate Professor Gary Mortimer of the QUT Business School, and;

. Mr Dylan Poulus and Michael Trotter of QUT eSports.

A common picture emerged across the leisure industries. And it was the role portable mobile devices, powered by data were turning mass entertainment into very personalised experiences.

Ms Vieira, whose role is to attract film production to Queensland, gave a glimpse of a future which would allow her to watch her television program of choice but with personalised advertising based on her consumer behaviour.

Mr Edmondson talked about the range of apps that allowed consumers to customise concert experiences (minus the sweaty crowds) in their homes.

And Professor Mortimer showed how retailers were turning more towards augmented reality to give consumers the information they wanted while they were shopping.

The eSports team explained the economics of the fast-growing industry but also the capacity of its participants to choose who they competed with and watched.

There is one standout conclusion from this: smaller screens lead to bigger audiences and bigger issues.

All the speakers gave attention to the rise of artificial intelligence in the leisure industries and the risk that would usurp human creative capacity by aping human creative skills.

And there was broad agreement that augmented reality would be the fast-emerging tool to reshape all forms of mass entertainment.

Speakers’ slides from the Real World Conversation are now online at our website. Videos will be posted later in the week. And pictures from the day are on FlickR

Content sourced from QUT News Web Service.


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