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Date: 29 January 2019

Nothing beats experience gained in the real world, and at QUT, it’s built into everything we do.

From course work to research and entrepreneurship, our students strive to apply their skills and knowledge in real world settings. From day one, they see theory and principles applied in practical situations and case studies. They undertake individual and group projects based on real-time problems and challenges. And finally they are embedded in the workplace through internships, practicums and placements, where they begin to perform as fully fledged practitioners in their industry and field.

We invite industry to share in the development of your talent pipeline by providing connected experiences in your workplace. Discover the talent within your pipeline and gain from fresh ideas and perspectives.

We have 50,000 students waiting to connect with you. Explore the various opportunities and models below, and contact us today to begin your engagement with QUT as your talent discovery partner.

“Vacation work helps bring new and talented people into the Energy Queensland pool. A lot of graduates who come to work with us have worked before on similar placements. It’s also good exposure for students to understand what they are signing up for.” – Shane, Systems Engineer, Energy Queensland.

“To get innovative thinking, you must engage innovative sources, and this is what the QUT IT Capstone program has allowed us to do. The program has given us new strategic insights, and students have gained real-world experience in navigating the opportunities (and limitations) of a large-scale business environment. There is no question that we are better off for having participated in this journey.” – Peter, Chief Data Officer, Department of Environment and Science (Queensland)

“There’s a lot of emerging technology entering the industry – renewable sources coming into the transmission lines and it’s exciting to think I can be part of it. I find the transmission and distribution side of power exciting – it’s all about getting power safely from substations to homes.” – Caitlin, worked on power transmission distribution systems at Energex.

Connect with our students while they are studying through the following programs:

Industry-based projects

Students are paired with an industry partner in groups or individually to undertake a real world problem or project over one or two semesters. Benefit from academic supervision and scoping support.

Examples include Engineering and IT capstone projects.

Internships and placements

Students undertake a period of work (paid or unpaid) at your organisation, developing their professional skills and seeing their learning come to life as they embed within your teams. Models vary from a weekly set of hours to an extended full-time placement (eg. 12 weeks over Summer).

Examples include QUT Business School’s Corporate Partners in Excellence program.

Connect with our industry engagement teams across QUT to shape your opportunity:


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Real World Futures