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Date: 06 August 2015

"Every neurological activity is reversible at any stage of life." - Dr Michael Merzenich

The objective of the Real World Futures program is to encourage thought and action about the future issues created by the uptake of high-speed, portable digital technology which will disrupt industries, businesses and individuals' jobs.

Part of the answer lies in taking new approaches to thinking, approaches that will insulate the individual from job displacement and, at the same time, enhance their ability to better use new technology.

Our main speaker last week, Dr Mike Merzenich, is a pioneer in the science of brain plasticity which demonstrates that the brain's functions can change through development. His work has exploited digital technology to create low-cost and scalable brain training which can be useful for everyone - from the heavily disadvantaged to those simply wanting better brain performance.

The program gave insight into his work and how it is being applied at QUT and then opened the window to other approaches - creative thinking, the use of gamification, coaching and quantum theory as well as a challenge by Professor Michael Rosemann to develop digital mindsets. In a real world explanation, QUT alumnus Dr Abigail Allwood discussed the challenges of the Mars Rover Project where she is a lead investigator. She explained how clever thinking is at the heart of one of the planet's biggest challenges, discovering if Mars has ever supported life as we know it.

Incidentally, Dr Allwood was named QUT's Alumnus of the Year yesterday and credited the university's real world approach that was helping her solve real problems beyond the world.

Event Resources
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